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Mobile Repair Services

Time is money. Let’s get you rolling.

Axle Repair MD specializes in drive axle repair, spindle repair, and bearing journal repair through our mobile repair fleet. Our trucks can be dispatched to you within minutes with highly trained technicians to get you back on the road quickly. We repair damaged axles of many types of vehicles 1 ton and up, including semi-trucks, trailers, motorhomes, buses, dump trucks, garbage trucks, heavy equipment, and more.

Truck down with one of these issues? We can help!

> Burned up or bent axles
> Loose or seized bearings
> Damaged thread end or stripped thread end
> Bent, stretched, or egg-shaped axle
> Worn bearing journals
> Broken spindle

Drive Axle Repair

Our highly-trained mobile repair technicians can be dispatched to your location to quickly diagnose your drive axle issue. We’ll then make the onsite repair, without the need to remove the axle, saving you both time and money.

Trailer Spindle Repair

Our mobile repair specialists can fix most trailer spindles with on-site machining. If the trailer spindle is beyond repair, it is cut behind the oil seal, a new spindle is inserted, aligned and expertly welded.

Bearing Journal Repair

Not all spindle failures require the entire spindle to be replaced. Axle Repair MD can save your spindle, restoring it back to OEM tolerances without compromising strength and integrity. Rebuilding bearing journals are a safe and economical alternative to replacing the entire spindle.

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